Different Kinds of Custom Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets continue to be among the most popular types of accessories with a cause. These circular strips of silicone are typically used as decoration around your wrist whose purpose is to highlight a special message, personality or a cause. Custom rubber bracelets today serve not just only as a fashion statement. These are often used during fundraising events, charities, sports games and even awareness programs. The more unique your bracelet is, the more effective you can spread your message towards your intended audience. For others, it serves the purpose of identifying a person during a large-scale event such as concerts, programs and rallies.

For someone who intends on purchasing customized rubber bracelets, he or she must be familiar with the types available in order to decide. For more variety and option of customized rubber bracelets you may like to visit www.the-wristband-factory.com and also you wouldn’t want to have your funds and precious time to be thrown away by having the wrong style or the wrong type of wristbands. Also, the color of the customized rubber bracelets must go along with the message or personality that you intend to promote.

Below are some of the common styles of customized rubber bracelets that are available in most shops and manufacturers.

1) Debossed wristbands are considered the most common and most popular custom rubber bracelets’ style. Such bracelets also come in a wide range of colors. The main style that it promotes is the sunken lettering or imprinting that it sports. You can make your own design before presenting it to the manufacturer so that they can mold it into the wristband. Designs can include messages, your chosen logo or even the company name.

2) Another type of custom rubber bracelets are the embossed ones. An embossed wristband, as the name goes, lifts your design above the chosen wristband. This type of engraved style enables your design to stand out furthermore. You have the freedom to choose the color that you like, and have it swirled or segmented.

Rubber braclets

3) Silk screened rubber bracelets are the type of customized rubber bracelets where the manufacturer prints the design all the way to the wristband, without ever debossing or embossing it. This is said to be suitable for customers who want to have intricate designs on the bands. However, this type of customized rubber wristbands is said to have a shorter lifespan in comparison to others.

4) The standard size for a normal rubber bracelet is half an inch. However, if you want to promote a bigger design, one-inch customized rubber bracelets are for you. These bigger strips of rubber allow you to have bigger logos as well as additional details. This type of custom rubber bracelet is popular as giveaways during rock band concerts and pop celebrities.

5) Color-filled rubber bracelets are a fusion of the normal debossed bands and extra colors. The engravings on your standard debossed custom bracelets are filled with a hefty layer of color in order for the details to stand out from the plain-colored wristband. These can make the details, such as the logo or the slogan in your band, more recognizable even from the distance.

6) If you are looking for custom rubber bracelets that are not too big yet you find that the standard size is too small, you can opt to buy ¾-inch wristbands. These bands are suitable for decent sized designs while not being too bulky, like the one-inch rubber bracelets.

7) Color-coated rubber bracelets may be quite similar to silk-screened ones. However, in this style, the outside layer of the rubber wristband is coated with the customer’s choice of color. After the initial coating, the design is engraved, causing the natural color of the rubber bracelet to be revealed.

8) Ever wanted to have a customized rubber wristband that has two rubber colors? Segmented customized rubber bracelets allow you to have two or three more colors that are segmented around the band. Such bracelets can be used during school programs and sports festivals, wherein in children can sport rubber bracelets that have the colors of a certain country or a certain team.

9) Another type of thin rubber bracelets is the micro wristbands. This type is half the size of the standard half-inch bands. These custom rubber bracelets allow people to wear more than one of them. Due to their small width, the only choice of styling them is the silk screen; hence, this type of customized bracelets is only effective for simpler designs and details.

10) One of the rising types of customized rubber accessories is the finger bands. These trinkets allow users to wear rubber around their fingers instead of the wrist. This kind of band is suitable for those who are not fans of wearing bracelets. You have the choice of having an embossed, debossed or even silkscreen design on them.

There are plenty of ways to customize a rubber bracelet. Those mentioned above are just some of the styles offered by most of the manufacturers that you will encounter. These makers can allow you to have samples in order for you to find out what is the best one for your mission. Whatever you choose, bear in mind that the most important thing to consider is whether the product will be comfortable for the people who will be wearing them.
Think about the material that the company will be using and the method of their work. In the end, it is always better to choose safety and comfort above the dazzle and details for your gifts and giveaways.