Meeting your Funeral Needs


A well-organized funeral can be your best final gift for a departed loved one. We can make that happen for you. We have been serving the interment and burial needs of many Knox County, Tennessee residents since 1948.

Whether you require cremation services or the conventional burial options within a certain budget, we can help you. We are proud to provide you with professional, high-level service at great value. While you have the option of paying for your loved one’s internment, you can also come to us about pre-arrangement.

If you have any questions, want to have a talk with us, or just tour our crematory, which has been around since 2012, call us. We are happy to help you.


When you have a death in the family, we are around to guide you through the process. Some of the services we offer include:
• Composing obituaries
• Getting the death certificate
• Coordinating funeral details and times with the clergy
• Floral arrangements
• Offering a wide selection of urns, caskets, and vaults
• Dove releases
• Providing pallbearers if required
• Bagpipes
• Benefits-filing assistance (Veterans, insurance, Social Security, etc.)
• DVD (Celebration of Life)


One of our primary services is the burial process. Why hold burials? Ever since the start of recorded history, many cultures have dignified those who died with traditional ceremonies. Such rituals’ purpose was a send-off into the afterlife.

Nowadays, experts agree that a funeral service benefits the ones a dead person leaves behind. Burials can be considered a closure to help survivors grieve their loss and acknowledge that a family member’s death has occurred. The service gives the opportunity for friends and family to pay tribute to the life that was lived.


When it comes to burials, you can find comprehensive services to make the grieving process more bearable. Some of these include flower van use, hearse use, the service, visitation, cremation, register book, car to transport minister and pallbearers, limousine use, thank you cards, folders for order of service, and memorial folders with photo.

Other services include additional visitation night, the service’s audio cassette recording, acknowledgement cards for pallbearers, obituary bookmarks, floral tribute package, memory candle, heirloom bible, and video for Celebration of Life, veterans’ flag case, remembrance registry, framed photo collage, and many others.

We strive to give you more than what you expected at a difficult time. Aside from burials, you can also take advantage of cremation services.


What does the cremation process entail? Before a person’s remains are cremated, the death certificate must be signed and completed by the medical examiner or attending physician. The needed cremation authorizations must also be obtained by any authorizing person (like the next of kin) and that no cremation objections may be raised. The cremation then occurs and the remains are put in the designated urn or container for disposition.

Aside from the standard cremation services, which involve viewing, direct cremation, which is an option for people who seek to dispense of funeral services, is also provided? After all, such services are not meant for the deceased. They are designed to comfort and help support the living. If you are considering direct cremation for yourself, think of your friends and family and their need to grieve before you decide on this.

When you decide to have a cremation, make sure the crematory is managed by people who respect the dead. You can be sure that our crematory is operated by conscientious staff. For dignity and safety purposes, bodies are required to be cremated in a rigid and approved casket or container.

Cremation restrictions vary in every state and even in cemeteries. Depending on the resting place, some requirements may include urn vault, vault, and other items. Choosing now can help your family greatly when the time comes. Cremation, in most cases, satisfies the requirements of the Clean Air Act.

Serving Families

For decades, we have been helping families go through the painful process of losing a loved one. While it is what we do, we make sure to provide more than what you need. We are humbled and honored when a family comes to us to help them with their burial arrangement or pre-planning needs.

A burial is a delicate process, and families of the departed need utmost respect, compassion, and care during this trying situation. It is also important to respect the process of grief and the way people deal with loss in his/her own way.

As person’s life should be honored and remembered in a way, which fits with his families or his own requirements. Thus, we offer various memorial and funeral options. For your needs, call us and we can make the passing of a loved one solemn and memorable.