What Makes Motivational Speakers Successful?

Motivational speakers are usually invited by groups and organizations to deliver messages that are intended to encourage and inspire an audience. Companies and business entities usually brief the speakers on their strategies and goals so that they could include them in their message.

What makes motivational speakers successful? As mentioned earlier, successful speakers usually take the company’s goals and objectives into consideration. They customize their messages to cater to the company’s needs and what the audience needs to hear. Sometimes, a message that comes from an external source is more effective than one conveyed by someone within the company.

Speakers can also provide fresh insights on company strategies that could help clear some issues and inspire workers to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. For companies, common topics during motivational speeches have something to do with team building, higher sales, mentoring, management, or customer service.

Successful speakers have a way of putting things in a positive light. They usually have something good to say even in difficult situations. Optimism is one of the primary requirements in motivational speeches. Pair this with a compelling and informative talk and this will be a winning speech that can boost the audiences’ morale.

Great motivational speakers also talk passionately about things that interest them or something that they feel strongly about. It will be a challenge to motivate others when a speaker does not care much about the topic. The audience will easily sense that. The greatest speakers always have a special message to deliver, usually something that is derived from personal experience.

Personal motivation is important for speakers. They need to master the art of living motivated lives. They don’t need to have perfect lives because that would be unrealistic, but they should do everything to the best of their ability. This motivation should also be seen in their past accomplishments and their personal relationships. Just as audiences sense the lack of passion, they also sense speakers who don’t practice what they preach.

Successful motivational speakers can connect well with the audience. The audience sees them as trusted friends, or simply people they can relate to. When they speak, it feels like they are directly talking to you, and nobody else. This gift of connecting with a crowd is best described as inherent, but it can also be learned through sensitivity and a genuine interest in others. Humor, humility and honesty also make connecting to an audience possible.

Keynote speakerSuccessful motivational speakers have the ability to send their messages clearly. These speakers are able to use the right words based on audience profile. For a speaker, it is important to know the target audience. Each group of people will respond in different ways. The speech has to be relevant to the audience.

As for technical skills, speakers should be able to project their voices, pace their words the right way, and modulate their tone to avoid monotony. Very good and seasoned speakers have learned to engage the crowd just by pacing their words so that their speech does not sound like one long lecture. This takes a lot of hard work and practice. Some speakers enroll in courses to help them improve their public speaking skills.

People make speeches all the time, but not all speeches come from effective speakers. The real test of success for speakers is not in terms of the number of people who follow them on Twitter or how many books they’ve have sold. Real success is measured on how they are able to trigger a positive change in people, leading them to take action and changing their lives for the better.

How Custom Military Coins Help Uphold the Military Code of Honor

Aside from having served for several years in the armed forces and fighting a few battles, there is usually one more thing that veterans share in common: ownership of custom military coins. These coins were either awarded to them as special citations or were distributed to the entire unit as special tokens. These coins are often used by servicemen to challenge each other just for fun.

This special challenge is normally referred to as a coin check challenge. There are a few rules that have to be obeyed when issuing a coin check challenge, including:

1. Challengers have to present their custom military coins in such a way that the challenge would be heard or noticed by as many coin-owners as possible. This includes holding the coin up in the air and screaming their intent to issue a coin check challenge. Another way of presenting the challenge is by slapping it hard on a table, so as to create an audible noise.

2. There are no accidents when it comes to a coin check. In case somebody drops his coin and it makes a sound that is audible enough for others to hear, then it has to be considered that a challenge has been issued. This practice effectively ensures that each serviceman would take good care in handling his coins, thereby ensuring the coin’s longevity.

3. Everyone who hears the issuance of the coin check challenge would have to respond by presenting their custom military coins. The manner of the response should be done in the same way as the issuance of the challenge. All the screaming about coin checks or the slapping of coins on tables often contribute to the rowdiness and the aura of fun in crowded bars.

4. Those who are challenged are only allowed to reach for their coins by taking a single step from where they are currently standing or sitting. If the coin is still unreachable, then they would be allowed to extend their arms to reach for it, but would not be permitted to take another step forward.

5. The challenge can be issued to anybody regardless of the time or place.

There are two possible endings to a coin check challenge: the challenger either pays the tab for everyone he has challenged, or someone else pays for it. The first scenario only happens if everyone presented their custom military coins, while the latter scenario happens whenever someone else wasn’t able to present his coin.

customcoinsThis tradition not only ensures that drinking sessions between military men contain loads of fun and noise. It also ensures that each serviceman upholds the military’s code of honor by facing the consequences of not having his custom coin at hand. Anyone who does not abide by the rules is punished, mostly by having to return his coin to the person or company that gave it to him.

Ownership of custom military coins also ensures that former servicemen remain loyal to their units. After all, the coins would serve as tokens that would remind them of a special event that happened during their time in the service.

Because of all the values that custom military coins uphold, a lot of non-military organizations have also gotten into the tradition of forging their own customized coins. Some organizations give the coins away in the same manner as the military: as tokens of appreciation for a job well done.

However, there are also a few organizations that make use of custom challenge coins for marketing purposes. They often have hundreds of challenge coins forged with their logos and then have these distributed to the public through various means. Any member of the public that manages to get hold of these ‘special’ commemorative coins can exchange these for a product or service from the marketing company.


Printed Circuit BoardsThrough-hole technology is the common method for mounting electronic components onto a printed circuit board. It replaced early assembly techniques like point-to-point technology, which was the popular method before 1950s. The through-hole method involves the insertion of leads through holes, soldering on the other side. The leads (capacitors, resistors and diodes) are bent into 90-degree angles in opposite directions for mechanical strength. These leads are fixed into place using a soldering rod. Soldering can be done manually or using a wave-soldering machine.

Advantages of using through-hole method:

1. It provides stronger and more reliable mechanical bonds. It is ideal for those components that need to withstand mechanical stress like transformers and connectors. It is also the best choice for prototyping or testing.

2. It is ideal for heavy or bulky components that need better mounting strength like semi-conductors and electrolytic capacitors.

3. It is also recommended for electromechanical relays and plug connectors which need strong support while on the printed circuit board.

4. It is a perfect tool for engineers who design prototypes using breadboard sockets.

Disadvantages of through-hole method:

1. It is relatively expensive because there is a need to drill multiple holes into the board.

2. It entails a lengthier production time.

3. It limits space because holes need to be drilled in different areas of the printed circuit board to secure components into place.

In the 1980s, surface-mount technology (SMT) became the newer method to assemble the components to the surface of printed circuit board. The vital component parts are placed directly on the board. It is not applicable for mounting big transformers and powerful semi-conductors which can affect the device with their high temperatures. It uses smaller leads or short pins in various forms. Its popularity boomed during the 1990s.

The method reduces the labor costs and increases the rate of production due to high-degree of automation. IBM used this pioneering method in its small-scale computer assembly, then applied it to more comprehensive projects such as the Launch Vehicle Digital Computer, which was used to guide vehicles. Surface-mount technology is mostly used today in both engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Advantages of using Surface-mount technology:

1. It allows for the creation of a smaller printed circuit board which is in demand for use in more compact and lightweight devices. It also solves the space problem in making small gadgets.

2. It is faster to carry out than through-hole because it merely requires a few holes, or no holes at all, depending on the design. Assembly of components can be done for mass production purposes.

3. It uses reflow ovens that guarantee soldering quality for joint formation.

4. It provides stability against vibration.

5. It uses leadless components which make the circuit neater and simpler.

6. It provides higher circuit speeds because of its more compact form. This high-performance level is one of the reasons why most manufacturers use this method.

7. It uses high-end components that allow for multitasking.

8. It can use both sides of the circuit board, providing higher density performance.

9. It assures low induction and resistance of connections, reducing the effects of RF signals.

10. It automatically corrects small errors on component placement because the molten solder pulls other components in perfect alignment with solder pads.

11. It uses top-quality SMT parts at lower cost compared to through-hole parts.

12. It emits low radiations due to its compact radiation loop area.

Disadvantages of SMT:

1. It makes repair more difficult due to the small lead spaces.

2. It is not applicable for prototyping which uses plug-in snap and play tool.

3. It does not guarantee the capacity of the solders’ connections to withstand the compounds used during potting application. It may or may not be damaged when going through this thermal process.

Given these numerous pros and cons, it’s important for those planning to choose between through-hole and SMT to think thoroughly before making a pick.

Real Estate Investment: How a Reliable Firm Can Help You

The effectiveness of a real estate property seller is not defined by how much he knows or how motivated he is. It is all in the number of properties he had already sold. Let’s face it, no matter how much you know, no matter how much effort you exert, you will never be able to say that you are effective if you do not have much sales. If you are experiencing this, then you must acknowledge the fact that there is a problem. This article will help you understand the things you must do in order to become highly effective in property marketing.

Continual Success Rate

Keep in mind that real estate marketing is not a thing that can only be accomplished once and then you are already done. A person must do it on a continual basis in order to achieve success in this industry. You need to set your goals higher and strategize on how you can reach them. This is the first reason why you need the help of an effective real estate company. If you have a reliable firm at your back, then you can surely be able to have a long-term success in your investment cycles. You simply have to be sure that they have a good tracking record when it comes to the number of sales and their success rate based on the duration.

Dealing with Any Kind of Personality

By the time you finally get in the field, you will find out that simply learning how to promote and sell a property is not enough. When you are in front and dealing with the buyers, a lot of scenarios can come up. You need to keep in mind that buyers have different attitudes, which is why you need to be equipped on how to deal with the different types of personalities you will encounter. This will increase your chances of closing the deal while protecting yourself from people who might take advantage.

If you have a well-experienced firm helping you, you will not have a problem with this since you can be sure that they have already encountered lots of different personalities in the past and this is what enables them to handle each one properly and with the right approach.

Processing of Documents Can Be Done Easier

Of course, you can count on the firms to help you with the documents. Rest assured, they know the things that you need to do for your investment when it comes to documentation matters since they have already done this lots of times before. If you are working alone, you may not even know where to start. Aside from that, there are companies that can help you process those papers faster than usual because of their networks and contacts.

Improve your Selling Points

You hold the chance in adding something up to your selling points but of course, the chances can be far better if you have experts by your side. The better your selling points are, the faster you can close a deal. You have to remember that buyers always look for the best buy. If the property you are selling is a mess, no one can consider it as something worth buying.

real estateYou can do things such as renovating and improving your house, getting rid of all the clutter and making sure that the outside as well as the inside of the property are presentable, so it can attract more potential buyers. Putting up some plants to beautify the place and add an essence of nature is a good thing as well. If you are still buying a property for investment, then it would be better to buy one that already has exquisite features.

They Know the Important Factors to Look For

If you hire the services of a reliable real estate firm before purchasing any property as an investment, then you can be certain that you can get one that can be sold out fast. This is because they already know the factors that can make a property highly sought out. Checking the location, features, amenities, community, class of neighborhood, demand that certain property and other vital factors that can affect the duration it will take for a certain property to be sold out are already one of their expertise. It can take years of study and experience for you to be able do this effectively all by yourself.

Here, you can be sure that you will get the quality services mentioned above. We always have the closing attitude. We do not relent unless we find and close a deal for your real estate property investment. We see to it that each of the processes and steps is done smoothly. We provide a quality customer care service and we go for extra miles in turning the investments of our clients into reality.

We set the goals of our clients as one of ours and we value their perspectives. We provide them all the details they need and assist them in each step. These are just some of the important reasons why lots of investors opt for our help.

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Qualities of an Outstanding Chat Agent

At the end of the day, when all the promotions have run out and there are no more freebies to give out, customers rely on one thing to help them decide whether they would stay with one company or switch to the other – customer service.

chatCustomer service is the core of any thriving business. The customer service representatives become the companies’ voice and face. The moment interaction between customers and representatives happen, companies and businesses cease existing as just that, entities. With customer service representatives, a business selling novelties become someone that is breathing and talking. It becomes a person who can empathize and listen and suggest solutions that is best for the customer.

Businesses and companies provide customer service in various ways. They go the either the voice or the non-voice route. Voice usually means customer representatives over the phones answering calls all day. Non-voice, on the other hand, often refers to a more laidback form of communication – either email or chat. Lately, chat service has been gaining popularity among business owners.

Live chat is being favored more and more recently because it is convenient and cost-effective. Convenience on the customer’s part because it saves him time dialing numbers and going through an endless maze of automated recording. He can get connected to live chat by simply selecting the chat option of the website that he’s already on. He can also multitask while engaged in a chat conversation.

Chat service is, on the other hand, cost efficient for the business owners. With chat, there is less average interaction costs compared to phone interaction. It also enables live chat agents to handle multiple sessions, therefore minimizing wait times for the customers. If agents are able to handle more customers, the likelihood for closing sales is bigger. Chat option also gives prospective customers the opportunity to answer their questions about a certain product or service that they are interested in. This helps speeds up the decision-making process of a buyer.

Armed with the knowledge that customer service representatives are the frontliners of any business or company, it is important to invest in the quality of the agents that will soon interact with the customers. Before considering live chat for business, know first the traits to look for when hiring future live chat agents:

  • Willingness to help. Customer service is all about helping the customer overcome challenges, answering their questions and providing appropriate solutions. It requires patience and perseverance. A person must have an innate ability to help for him or her to be able to execute this duty flawlessly and without fail.
  • Competent. Look for candidates who have in-depth knowledge of the business. If they don’t and training will be provided, be sure to look for those who can learn the business quickly, are independent, resourceful and have sound judgment.
  • Effective communicator. Knowledge will be of no use if the person is unable to relay that to his customers. It is important to look for candidates who have excellent communication skills, both written and oral. Good speakers are often good writers and good writers are often good at speaking. These agents should know how to translate and simplify jargons into words that customers can easily understand. They should be articulate enough to express what they mean in words. Live chat for business will only work if the chat agents are effective enough when communicating to their customers.
  • Confident. Customer representatives must be confident when dealing with customers. Customers trust the agents to resolve their issues and problems. They should therefore evoke that characteristic at all times.
  • Expert multi-tasker. One of the main reasons why live chat is popular is the live chat agents’ ability to handle multiple customers. Therefore candidates should have a presence of mind at all times. He must be someone who knows when to take charge of the situation and be able to manage complications when the situation calls for it.

A good chat service begins with the quality of its live chat agents or representatives who are tasked to do the job. These agents must have the right attitude and disposition towards helping the customers. These are behaviors that cannot be masked and will always show through no matter what.