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Search engine optimization is not just about making changes in the overall web structure to rank on Google. Analyzing data is another important factor in SEO according to experts. In fact, experts like advises web owners to always track, test, change, and update their site for better performance. And through the process, SEO strategists will monitor the ranking, conversion, and traffic to ensure results.


By gathering necessary data, it helps to determine issues that need attention. However, before hiring an SEO company, it’s essential to know their portfolio and customer service to guarantee the best outcomes. One thing clients should know is that, most companies that guarantee results like overnight rankings, instant leads, doubled traffic, search engine submission, unlimited amount of back links, and certain ROI projections don’t usually deliver.

Why Work With an Experienced SEO Firm

With, clients are guaranteed to benefit from professional SEO strategies. The firm makes use of tools to create user-friendly websites at more reasonable rates. It also helps in improving ranking for specific search terms while boosting how Google and other search engines recognize particular sites. The goal is to make it simpler for Google to see web content and decide if it qualifies on the first-page results. Obviously, the process is about gaining higher rankings with relevant and quality content. For beginners, there are reliable services to manage their online business needs.

Whether the traffic is coming from natural, editorial, organic or free search results, SEO is indisputably important. All search engines like Yahoo, Bing, and Google have major search results where webpage and other essential content like local listings and videos are shown. They are ranked depending on the quality and relevance of the content to users. Payment is not involved unlike paid search advertisements. Be sure to remember all these guidelines to guarantee results once SEO is implemented.

Understanding the Signs of Black-Hat SEO

Every time there is an inappropriate move in search engine optimization such as spam and keyword stuffing, it’s a sign that black-hat SEO is used. This will never be healthy for websites looking for ranking and increased traffic. Any SEO that gives the industry a bad reputation will be punished. To help people become aware of black-hat SEO, the following are examples:

  • Purchasing tons of links from crappy and random sites.
  • Using computer programs to produce hundreds of irrelevant web pages.
  • Using scraped or duplicate content.
  • Submitting bogus press releases to spam links.
  • Keyword stuffing just to appear on web visitors’ search results.

For those who want to protect their online reputation, it’s important not to engage in these wrongdoings that other websites do for short term ranking. Learn from the expert tips provided by experienced SEO strategists to avoid penalized site. Don’t work with companies that insist on keeping copyright to the Meta data they make, analyze or edit. It will only put the website at risk while losing significant number of visitors online. The proper SEO strategies are always better when it comes to improving site structure and content.

Improving Online Presence through Proven SEO Techniques

Before anything else, it’s essential to first understand the value of optimizing websites. Online marketers need to know how they want to appear online and on major search engines. With the help of experienced SEO firm, clients are guaranteed to get satisfactory services with competitive prices. Through patience, knowledge, and guidance offered by expert SEOs, it’s easier to achieve marketing goals in a timely fashion despite the global competition today.

proven-seo-techniques is one of the few trusted companies in the country today that professionally offers successful online marketing techniques such as search engine optimization. Get thrilled with new websites, content management systems, and mobile sites through reliable services available in this day and age. As mentioned on their website, “If you have been burned before by a SEO company in the past then you will feel extremely comfortable working with us because of our unique approach and transparency.  We offer all sorts of tracking of rankings, daily tasks, billing and much more.  If you are looking for your last SEO services provider then you do not have to look any further.”

How Pawn Shops Work

Pawn shops have been around for hundreds of years and are no new concept to society. The act of pawning has evolved from ancient Chinese money loans for peasants to online transactions from the comforts of your home (just like what we at do). Being such a popular service to avail of, it’s no wonder people everywhere are getting involved in the pawning business, whether it’s as consumers or brokers. Do you seem interested in the world of pawning? Even if it’s because you like to watch popular pawnshop TV shows or because you plan on pawning off your items at home for some quick cash, it is good to get a head start on familiarizing yourself with how it works.

Basic Pawning System

Whether it’s done in ancient China or the 21st century, pawning has a basic system. First there is a customer who is in need of a certain amount of money to be given to him immediately. The sum can range from something as small and simple as $20 or as big as thousands, this all depends on what item the consumer has to offer to the broker.


Let’s say our customer offers us a gold watch. The value of this watch may be around $500, but since we are giving a loan for this item, we will pay for about 70% of the retail price. Our customer will then be given this loan for a certain period of time under our interest rates. Now, the unique part of pawning will come in. If the person wants his item back, he simply pays the loan off. If the person decides to sell the item to us, we then get to keep it and sell it in our pawn shop.

Items Sold at Pawn Shops

One of the best things about pawning is that on your end, you can offer virtually any item of value that you have in your possession. If you are the broker and the customer decides to sell the item to you, you can sell it second-hand in your pawnshop where potential buyers can flock to you for cheaper goods. Given the nature of pawning, almost anything can be sold and bought.

The most common goods sold by these shops are jewelry because of how easy it is to objectify their value. Customers themselves can determine the estimated prices of their gold and silver based on karats and weight without going directly to a pawnshop yet.

Other items like electronics, tools and even land titles are usually offered by brokers. These items are also sold at much lower prices in comparison to shops that specialize in selling them. Instead of heading to the nearest hardware store for your power tools, it may save you money if you check out the second-hand tools in a pawn shop.

Interest Rates

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to interest rates because they’re actually controlled by the state or country where you live in. For example, the local government of a certain state mandates that the maximum interest rate for a pawned item is 40%, then expect that interest rates in that state will be no higher than what the law says. These interest rates offered by pawnbrokers are typically lower than bank loans. However, be aware that additional fees and service charges may be added because of extra work that brokers must pay for, such as shipping and storage.

Determining your Item’s Value

As you may have guessed, pawnbrokers won’t be giving you a set price for any item you sell them. In other words, the MacBook Pro you offer may not be paid with the same amount they will pay for your neighbor’s Macbook Pro. Practical aspects are taken into consideration when determining your item’s worth, such as age, physical condition, popularity (if the item would be sought after if sold in the shop) and market value.

Pawn shop

As stated in the earlier example, the loan value of jewelry can be determined by their weight, thus, most customers prefer this because of the objective appraisal process. Items such as laptops and gaming consoles are heavily affected by trends. Are there newer models of your old MacBook available? Then it is more likely to sell for less since the newer MacBook is currently more popular.

Pawn shops have been around for quite a while and are no new business to people who need money, fast. However, like all services, you should be aware of how their system works to maximize your investments. Don’t be a reckless seller and instead be a responsible customer who knows how proper pawnbrokers operate. Visit our site to get the most reliable services in this industry.

Meeting your Funeral Needs


A well-organized funeral can be your best final gift for a departed loved one. We can make that happen for you. We have been serving the interment and burial needs of many Knox County, Tennessee residents since 1948.

Whether you require cremation services or the conventional burial options within a certain budget, we can help you. We are proud to provide you with professional, high-level service at great value. While you have the option of paying for your loved one’s internment, you can also come to us about pre-arrangement.

If you have any questions, want to have a talk with us, or just tour our crematory, which has been around since 2012, call us. We are happy to help you.


When you have a death in the family, we are around to guide you through the process. Some of the services we offer include:
• Composing obituaries
• Getting the death certificate
• Coordinating funeral details and times with the clergy
• Floral arrangements
• Offering a wide selection of urns, caskets, and vaults
• Dove releases
• Providing pallbearers if required
• Bagpipes
• Benefits-filing assistance (Veterans, insurance, Social Security, etc.)
• DVD (Celebration of Life)


One of our primary services is the burial process. Why hold burials? Ever since the start of recorded history, many cultures have dignified those who died with traditional ceremonies. Such rituals’ purpose was a send-off into the afterlife.

Nowadays, experts agree that a funeral service benefits the ones a dead person leaves behind. Burials can be considered a closure to help survivors grieve their loss and acknowledge that a family member’s death has occurred. The service gives the opportunity for friends and family to pay tribute to the life that was lived.


When it comes to burials, you can find comprehensive services to make the grieving process more bearable. Some of these include flower van use, hearse use, the service, visitation, cremation, register book, car to transport minister and pallbearers, limousine use, thank you cards, folders for order of service, and memorial folders with photo.

Other services include additional visitation night, the service’s audio cassette recording, acknowledgement cards for pallbearers, obituary bookmarks, floral tribute package, memory candle, heirloom bible, and video for Celebration of Life, veterans’ flag case, remembrance registry, framed photo collage, and many others.

We strive to give you more than what you expected at a difficult time. Aside from burials, you can also take advantage of cremation services.


What does the cremation process entail? Before a person’s remains are cremated, the death certificate must be signed and completed by the medical examiner or attending physician. The needed cremation authorizations must also be obtained by any authorizing person (like the next of kin) and that no cremation objections may be raised. The cremation then occurs and the remains are put in the designated urn or container for disposition.

Aside from the standard cremation services, which involve viewing, direct cremation, which is an option for people who seek to dispense of funeral services, is also provided? After all, such services are not meant for the deceased. They are designed to comfort and help support the living. If you are considering direct cremation for yourself, think of your friends and family and their need to grieve before you decide on this.

When you decide to have a cremation, make sure the crematory is managed by people who respect the dead. You can be sure that our crematory is operated by conscientious staff. For dignity and safety purposes, bodies are required to be cremated in a rigid and approved casket or container.

Cremation restrictions vary in every state and even in cemeteries. Depending on the resting place, some requirements may include urn vault, vault, and other items. Choosing now can help your family greatly when the time comes. Cremation, in most cases, satisfies the requirements of the Clean Air Act.

Serving Families

For decades, we have been helping families go through the painful process of losing a loved one. While it is what we do, we make sure to provide more than what you need. We are humbled and honored when a family comes to us to help them with their burial arrangement or pre-planning needs.

A burial is a delicate process, and families of the departed need utmost respect, compassion, and care during this trying situation. It is also important to respect the process of grief and the way people deal with loss in his/her own way.

As person’s life should be honored and remembered in a way, which fits with his families or his own requirements. Thus, we offer various memorial and funeral options. For your needs, call us and we can make the passing of a loved one solemn and memorable.

On Link Building: How do Search Engines Assign Value to Links

Every marketer in the internet industry is aware of the importance of link building as an SEO strategy. Links are the basis for trust in your site and therefore, these reward you with authority in your chosen niche. However, you probably know little of the process used by search engines in assigning value to every link.

External Links are Valued More

linkWhen you are a blog administrator, you want your site to be easy enough to navigate. One way of doing it is to link your pages by adding links on your footer or side bar. Another way is to connect pages from other websites to you own!

You also want to have links from outside sources or other websites. You can do this through guest blogging. If your content is well written, useful, interesting, and somehow worth mentioning, other bloggers will link up to your website through it.

You may join forums and communities and leave links for people in the event they want to visit your page. Just be sure that your article is relevant to what is being discussed or you well be spammed.

Whatever way you choose, the effect is intended for link building to maximize the number of pages visited by the user.

Since we are using two types of links here, you should know that search engines treat each type differently. Search engines assign more value to external links than internal links.

External links are those that come from outside sources. They are somehow linked to your website. They tie up to your content, having considered it relevant and an additional reference topic. These external links are given much weight by search engines if they have proven relevance to the topic on the page or keywords.

Links from a Unique Domain

Every time a link visits your site, it is being analyzed. This is why Google Analytics is able to provide us with information on how many unique visits we have.


First-time visitors are considered unique and are given a higher value compared to those who regularly check your site.

Links in the body of the Content

When links are found inside the body of the content, they carry more value than links found on the footer or sidebar. This is because links within the content have more authority.

Keywords in HTML Text vs. ALT Attributes in an Image

In using an image with keywords, links in HTML text are more relevant than ALT attributes of a linked image. When the image is not viewable, an ALT alternate is provided to users.

Authority Domain

A website that is considered an authority domain is assigned more value than pages with lesser links. When 10 authority domain link to your site, this can earn you more value than having a thousand low-valued sites. An authority domain has high page rank in Google.

Links without Script Tags

When links have no script tags, they are provided with a lower value or some even carry a zero value.  Script tags are valuable since they load a script file and identify those bulks of scripts like JavaScript and HTML Script tags.

Spam Links

The presence of a spam link will ruin your effort in link building and devalue the presence of other links. Spam links are those links that are not relevant to a web page. When you have spam links on your site, your other links will be affected. Google, much like other search engines, does not tolerate spamming. It is best to clean your website of these spam links if you don’t want to be penalized by Google.

Different Kinds of Custom Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets continue to be among the most popular types of accessories with a cause. These circular strips of silicone are typically used as decoration around your wrist whose purpose is to highlight a special message, personality or a cause. Custom rubber bracelets today serve not just only as a fashion statement. These are often used during fundraising events, charities, sports games and even awareness programs. The more unique your bracelet is, the more effective you can spread your message towards your intended audience. For others, it serves the purpose of identifying a person during a large-scale event such as concerts, programs and rallies.

For someone who intends on purchasing customized rubber bracelets, he or she must be familiar with the types available in order to decide. For more variety and option of customized rubber bracelets you may like to visit and also you wouldn’t want to have your funds and precious time to be thrown away by having the wrong style or the wrong type of wristbands. Also, the color of the customized rubber bracelets must go along with the message or personality that you intend to promote.

Below are some of the common styles of customized rubber bracelets that are available in most shops and manufacturers.

1) Debossed wristbands are considered the most common and most popular custom rubber bracelets’ style. Such bracelets also come in a wide range of colors. The main style that it promotes is the sunken lettering or imprinting that it sports. You can make your own design before presenting it to the manufacturer so that they can mold it into the wristband. Designs can include messages, your chosen logo or even the company name.

2) Another type of custom rubber bracelets are the embossed ones. An embossed wristband, as the name goes, lifts your design above the chosen wristband. This type of engraved style enables your design to stand out furthermore. You have the freedom to choose the color that you like, and have it swirled or segmented.

Rubber braclets

3) Silk screened rubber bracelets are the type of customized rubber bracelets where the manufacturer prints the design all the way to the wristband, without ever debossing or embossing it. This is said to be suitable for customers who want to have intricate designs on the bands. However, this type of customized rubber wristbands is said to have a shorter lifespan in comparison to others.

4) The standard size for a normal rubber bracelet is half an inch. However, if you want to promote a bigger design, one-inch customized rubber bracelets are for you. These bigger strips of rubber allow you to have bigger logos as well as additional details. This type of custom rubber bracelet is popular as giveaways during rock band concerts and pop celebrities.

5) Color-filled rubber bracelets are a fusion of the normal debossed bands and extra colors. The engravings on your standard debossed custom bracelets are filled with a hefty layer of color in order for the details to stand out from the plain-colored wristband. These can make the details, such as the logo or the slogan in your band, more recognizable even from the distance.

6) If you are looking for custom rubber bracelets that are not too big yet you find that the standard size is too small, you can opt to buy ¾-inch wristbands. These bands are suitable for decent sized designs while not being too bulky, like the one-inch rubber bracelets.

7) Color-coated rubber bracelets may be quite similar to silk-screened ones. However, in this style, the outside layer of the rubber wristband is coated with the customer’s choice of color. After the initial coating, the design is engraved, causing the natural color of the rubber bracelet to be revealed.

8) Ever wanted to have a customized rubber wristband that has two rubber colors? Segmented customized rubber bracelets allow you to have two or three more colors that are segmented around the band. Such bracelets can be used during school programs and sports festivals, wherein in children can sport rubber bracelets that have the colors of a certain country or a certain team.

9) Another type of thin rubber bracelets is the micro wristbands. This type is half the size of the standard half-inch bands. These custom rubber bracelets allow people to wear more than one of them. Due to their small width, the only choice of styling them is the silk screen; hence, this type of customized bracelets is only effective for simpler designs and details.

10) One of the rising types of customized rubber accessories is the finger bands. These trinkets allow users to wear rubber around their fingers instead of the wrist. This kind of band is suitable for those who are not fans of wearing bracelets. You have the choice of having an embossed, debossed or even silkscreen design on them.

There are plenty of ways to customize a rubber bracelet. Those mentioned above are just some of the styles offered by most of the manufacturers that you will encounter. These makers can allow you to have samples in order for you to find out what is the best one for your mission. Whatever you choose, bear in mind that the most important thing to consider is whether the product will be comfortable for the people who will be wearing them.
Think about the material that the company will be using and the method of their work. In the end, it is always better to choose safety and comfort above the dazzle and details for your gifts and giveaways.

Lanyards – Keeping the Tools Safe

One of the best ways to prevent tools from dropping while working at height is to use the right tethering systems. Lanyards are specifically designed for this job to keep the tools secured so that even if you drop them, they will never touch the ground. Another benefit of using the lanyard is that they cost less compared to the price of the tools themselves or the possible financial costs of having an accident.

There are different styles of lanyards that you can choose from to meet the tethering needs of almost any tool. For small tools, you can choose the simplest style. For heavier and high-value equipment, you can choose the more substantial tethering system. The kind of lanyard a company will use depends on several factors like the type of work, the type of tools being used, the environment, weather conditions and so on.

Creating a Lanyard Scheme

To the inexperienced individual, it seems that the ideal way to use the lanyard is to simply get a box of it and attach all the tools on the safety harness or belt. But for the experienced, using a lanyard system is much more complicated than that. Think of the different hand tools you are using to install the electrical junction boxes. If all the tools are tethered to your tool belt, you will have a number of various straps hanging on your tool belt. Having all these straps would make it easy for you to get tangled on something, which could cause you to trip, snag or fall.

layardsYou need some knowledge and experience to be able to design the proper lanyard scheme. A well-designed lanyard scheme uses various types and lengths connected to different points. For instance, you may have one hand tool connected to a retractable tether on your left hip. You may have 2 or 3 other light tools attached to your safety harness with short lanyard. The other tools can be connected directly to your tool belt using a longer lanyard.

If your lanyard scheme is properly designed, you will have access to all of your tools in a way that is comfortable but safe. There will be less risk of stumbling over excess lanyard material, also you don’t have to be concerned about your lanyards getting tangled on something, and you can easily move around. These lanyards are very functional and will make sure that you are protected against accident and injury.

A Customized Lanyard

The most common lanyard consists of either a length of cable or webbing with connectors on the end. Tools with built-in anchors are perfect using the common lanyard because workers can easily hook the tools and go. But, there are cases where your tools don’t have built-in anchors. Cordless drills, hammers, and ratchets are some examples of anchor-less tools. These sorts of tools need customized tethering solutions that use the tool’s own size and shape to determine the right way to hold onto it.

Utilizing a hammer as an example, one customized solution is a tether system that involves a unique adhesive sleeve. Using this scheme, the tether is fixed in position by slipping a tight sleeve on it as well as the hammer’s handle. The sleeve is then allowed to shrink and the handle to adhere, which makes a permanent bond between the two. Having the tethered sandwiched firmly together between them and a lanyard connected, it will not slip over even under the most extreme situations. Without a doubt, this scheme is the best way to keep the hammer secured while working that does not require a built-in anchor.

RockBottom Golf: Providing You the Quality Golf Equipment You Need


There are a lot of online stores popping out of nowhere these days. This is the same with online golf stores. For this reason, it is highly important for a person to be cautious and purchase products only from reputable online stores. It can’t be denied that golf is an expensive sport and hobby. This only adds up to the reasons why one should be aware of the risks of buying online. However, with all of these problems that need to be considered, there are still lots of advantages a golfer can get by opting to purchase golf equipment from online stores.


Many are afraid and have second thoughts when it comes to purchasing products online. However, their concerns are just things that can be solved by opting for a reputable online store. By doing so, a person will be able to get the benefits of shopping online. When it comes to golf equipment, Rock Bottom Golf is on the leading edge. They select the items they sell on their online store which is why people can only get high quality products from them. As of now, the golfers that are satisfied by the products they sell are increasing. You may see it on the ratings on each of the products that have been sold.

Safe Purchase on a Very Affordable Price

One of the fears of many people when it comes to purchasing online is that they might not get their orders. In Rock Bottom Golf, you will be assured that you will get the products you ordered on time since they have a shipping guarantee. They will not be able to stay in business if they are not capable of giving their clients a quality service. They also have a price match guarantee so customers will be assured that the price for each product is just right. In fact, they can sell their products on a lower price compared to the local golf stores because they have a lower operational cost. They apply an innovative marketing strategy that allows them to save a lot so they can pass that savings to their clients. Aside from all of that, contacting them is very easy as well. You can inquire about your orders. They even feature a “track my order” button on their website.

One Stop Golf Shop

On their official website, you will see a lot of golf equipment available. They don’t only sell balls, clubs, bags and covers, you will also see sophisticated gadgets and training aids that will help you take your game to the next level. Bags, cart accessories, covers, head to food golf apparel, golf accessories, fitness aids, golf books and DVDs, fitness supplements, course accessories and a lot of other products are also available. This is the reason why it is safe to say that Rock Bottom Golf is one of the best one stop golf shop there is.

User-Friendly Interface

GolfThe user-friendly interface of the website is very easy to navigate. It is also well organized, enabling visitors to check each categories and items well. A search tab is also available and it is even possible to search the items available from your favorite brand. This makes it easier for you to find what you need. Each of the products and offers are presented well so you will not need to go to other sites to check for more product info.

Go check the official website of Rock Bottom Golf now to see the high quality golf equipment they sell. They have a lot of surprises for their clients such as free shipping and large discounts especially when you buy in bulk.

Rock Bottom Golf has Largest selection of discount golf clubs and golf equipment with the lowest prices on golf gear anywhere.

Entrusting Article Writing to Expert Hands


Article writingLoads of businesses and companies have operated online since the discovery of its convenience, efficiency and productivity. The number of people making a website for their business increases each day. This creates a great deal of competition among online marketers.To get ahead of the online food chain, most of the web masters hire content writers. Behind much of the information written on the internet, are the content writers who have a strong foundation on their writing skills. An example of a content writer is called article writers. Article writers are professional writers who write content article as a web material that will be used over the internet. To secure their credentials in article writing, some of them need a bachelor’s degree to enter in the writing industry.

If you own a website or a blog, you may encounter the idea that article writing is the key to successful website promotion. Hence, if the articles you produced is poorly written, that is just looking through a keyhole to effective marketing. Earning the title of a professional article writer takes time, effort and perseverance. Content writing typically is quite challenging. First, you have to narrow down your preferred topics and outline their details. You also have to make sure that the topic of your choice is up-to-date because in that way, you can draw more readers of your article. Assuring that the information you provide is updated requires you to research on the topic at hand often during the writing process. Old-fashioned articles will tend to give your audience an impression that you are unprofessional and untimely. You also have to evaluate yourself on how productive you really are, because you cannot afford wasting your time.

Nonetheless, if you find article writing to be burdensome or sometimes you find yourself stuck and trapped in an article, there are more convenient way of being successful in the online industry. That is, entrusting writing articles to expert hands, or hiring article writers. It is proven by hundreds of successful companies or businesses that hiring article writers is money-wise and time-wise. People focus also on the importance of organized directories, increasing network traffic and improving search engines.

Content writing emerged as one of the increasingly convenient cyber-service offers. Standard articles can be an output to well-researched subject matter. Hiring professional article writer can provide articles that can meet the standards of a high quality content. Well-written articles can satisfy the requirements of search engines. Moreover, it brings audiences and network traffic. Thus professional writers that venture on article writing can provide superior quality of user-friendly and search engine-friendly outputs. This tactic is another internet marketing strategy.

Article-writingTo leverage your enterprise on internet technology, you should also consider article marketing. Writing articles as a way of online marketing is proven to be effective and engaging, because internet customers and browsers often rely on articles rather than high-bandwidth videos on Youtube, that requires less time to load. Articles are also convenient to readers since it is faster to scan an article and loop out his irrelevant searches. It is also easy for the readers to access heaps of information by browsing through multiple articles rather than many videos or presentations.

In the online industry, you should address content marketing in a professional manner. So it is needed to discern a well-trained and highly-disciplined article writers that corresponds to your websites’ basic needs. These article writers who are well-paid should devote themselves in guaranteeing that their produced articles meet your specified requirements and quality standards, so you must also be careful in choosing the right man for the job.

Choosing the Right Custom Lanyards

custom lanyardsYou have to make a lot of choices to produce custom lanyards that suit you best. You may decide based from the functionality of the lanyards, badge reels, and attachments. You may also consider the appearances of these things as well as their durability and quality in general.

Lanyard Materials
1. Polyester

The common material used in making lanyards is polyester. Polyester lanyards are economical yet durable. They are soft and comfortable to wear. There are woven polyester lanyards and stitched polyester lanyards.

2. Nylon

Another material is nylon lanyards. These lanyards are glossy. Although more expensive than polyester, nylon lanyards can give your design an elegant and professional appearance.

3. Reflective bands

A special material, reflective band allows the custom lanyards to glow in the dark. Their functionality makes them stand out among the other materials.

4. Beads

Beads are not only for earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces; they are also for a unique and fancy lanyard. They come in different kinds including glass, seed, and the most popular, crystals.

5. Chains

Chains can make necklace and lanyards two-in-one with the help of detachable lanyard attachments. You can use them in school to hold your identification card and in gatherings as a fashion accessory.

Custom lanyards’ Attachments
1. Bulldog Clip

This is used in holding plastic badge holders which have horizontal slots. Press the clip to attach the badge. The clip will also allow your badge to be straight which made it perfect for identification cards. Your company or school security guards will not have trouble in checking your IDs.

2. Swivel Hook

It has a hook that opens for your badges and then closes. It is called swivel hook because the badge inserted in this attachment is swiveling. Swivel hook is also referred as metal J hook because of its curve that mimics the letter J.

3. Trigger Hook

It is also called lobster claw. Trigger hook is similar to swivel hook, as it has a tiny lever that allows the hook to open so you may insert your badges, keys, or other objects.

4. Detachable Plastic Hook

You have to detach this hook to insert or remove your ID badges. It also holds your badge straightly.

5. Lanyard Reel

This attachment consists of a square or a round reel, a cord, and a clip which is attached to the custom lanyards. Lanyard reels’ function is to keep cards close at hand and let them be stowed away after use.

6. Split Ring

This attachment is ideal in simultaneously holding different items like access cards, ID badges, and keys. Sometimes, a split ring is also used in holding eyeglasses.

7. Thin Plastic Hook

It holds badges straightly like other attachments. You just have to push in the clip slide to insert your badges or identification card holders.

8. Wide Plastic Hook

It works the same as a thin plastic hook, but it is wider.

9. Cell Phone Loop

It is basically a lanyard attachment design to hold cell phones, IPods, and other gadgets or electronic devices which have a feature that allows a flexible loop to be attached on them.

Badge Reels
1. Economy Round Badge Reels

Badge reels contain logos of products, companies, schools, or anything. They are usually placed between the lanyard and its attachment.

Economy round badge reels come in different colors and styles. Epoxy dome is applied to the logo to make it sheen. This badge reel goes well with a metal clip attachment.

2. Square Badge Reel

It allows the logo to look more elegant with its shape compared to a traditional round badge reel.

3. Logo Badge Reel

This is similar to round badge reel. It is however made larger to highlight the logo and make it well visible.

4. Carabiner Reel

This features a chrome metal border that has a modern shape. Carabiner reel is unique, durable, and stylish.

Author Bio:
The Lanyard Factory, we produce only the highest quality, professional-looking Custom lanyards for companies, trade shows and organizations around the world.

What Makes Motivational Speakers Successful?

Motivational speakers are usually invited by groups and organizations to deliver messages that are intended to encourage and inspire an audience. Companies and business entities usually brief the speakers on their strategies and goals so that they could include them in their message.

What makes motivational speakers successful? As mentioned earlier, successful speakers usually take the company’s goals and objectives into consideration. They customize their messages to cater to the company’s needs and what the audience needs to hear. Sometimes, a message that comes from an external source is more effective than one conveyed by someone within the company.

Speakers can also provide fresh insights on company strategies that could help clear some issues and inspire workers to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. For companies, common topics during motivational speeches have something to do with team building, higher sales, mentoring, management, or customer service.

Successful speakers have a way of putting things in a positive light. They usually have something good to say even in difficult situations. Optimism is one of the primary requirements in motivational speeches. Pair this with a compelling and informative talk and this will be a winning speech that can boost the audiences’ morale.

Great motivational speakers also talk passionately about things that interest them or something that they feel strongly about. It will be a challenge to motivate others when a speaker does not care much about the topic. The audience will easily sense that. The greatest speakers always have a special message to deliver, usually something that is derived from personal experience.

Personal motivation is important for speakers. They need to master the art of living motivated lives. They don’t need to have perfect lives because that would be unrealistic, but they should do everything to the best of their ability. This motivation should also be seen in their past accomplishments and their personal relationships. Just as audiences sense the lack of passion, they also sense speakers who don’t practice what they preach.

Successful motivational speakers can connect well with the audience. The audience sees them as trusted friends, or simply people they can relate to. When they speak, it feels like they are directly talking to you, and nobody else. This gift of connecting with a crowd is best described as inherent, but it can also be learned through sensitivity and a genuine interest in others. Humor, humility and honesty also make connecting to an audience possible.

Keynote speakerSuccessful motivational speakers have the ability to send their messages clearly. These speakers are able to use the right words based on audience profile. For a speaker, it is important to know the target audience. Each group of people will respond in different ways. The speech has to be relevant to the audience.

As for technical skills, speakers should be able to project their voices, pace their words the right way, and modulate their tone to avoid monotony. Very good and seasoned speakers have learned to engage the crowd just by pacing their words so that their speech does not sound like one long lecture. This takes a lot of hard work and practice. Some speakers enroll in courses to help them improve their public speaking skills.

People make speeches all the time, but not all speeches come from effective speakers. The real test of success for speakers is not in terms of the number of people who follow them on Twitter or how many books they’ve have sold. Real success is measured on how they are able to trigger a positive change in people, leading them to take action and changing their lives for the better.

How Custom Military Coins Help Uphold the Military Code of Honor

Aside from having served for several years in the armed forces and fighting a few battles, there is usually one more thing that veterans share in common: ownership of custom military coins. These coins were either awarded to them as special citations or were distributed to the entire unit as special tokens. These coins are often used by servicemen to challenge each other just for fun.

This special challenge is normally referred to as a coin check challenge. There are a few rules that have to be obeyed when issuing a coin check challenge, including:

1. Challengers have to present their custom military coins in such a way that the challenge would be heard or noticed by as many coin-owners as possible. This includes holding the coin up in the air and screaming their intent to issue a coin check challenge. Another way of presenting the challenge is by slapping it hard on a table, so as to create an audible noise.

2. There are no accidents when it comes to a coin check. In case somebody drops his coin and it makes a sound that is audible enough for others to hear, then it has to be considered that a challenge has been issued. This practice effectively ensures that each serviceman would take good care in handling his coins, thereby ensuring the coin’s longevity.

3. Everyone who hears the issuance of the coin check challenge would have to respond by presenting their custom military coins. The manner of the response should be done in the same way as the issuance of the challenge. All the screaming about coin checks or the slapping of coins on tables often contribute to the rowdiness and the aura of fun in crowded bars.

4. Those who are challenged are only allowed to reach for their coins by taking a single step from where they are currently standing or sitting. If the coin is still unreachable, then they would be allowed to extend their arms to reach for it, but would not be permitted to take another step forward.

5. The challenge can be issued to anybody regardless of the time or place.

There are two possible endings to a coin check challenge: the challenger either pays the tab for everyone he has challenged, or someone else pays for it. The first scenario only happens if everyone presented their custom military coins, while the latter scenario happens whenever someone else wasn’t able to present his coin.

customcoinsThis tradition not only ensures that drinking sessions between military men contain loads of fun and noise. It also ensures that each serviceman upholds the military’s code of honor by facing the consequences of not having his custom coin at hand. Anyone who does not abide by the rules is punished, mostly by having to return his coin to the person or company that gave it to him.

Ownership of custom military coins also ensures that former servicemen remain loyal to their units. After all, the coins would serve as tokens that would remind them of a special event that happened during their time in the service.

Because of all the values that custom military coins uphold, a lot of non-military organizations have also gotten into the tradition of forging their own customized coins. Some organizations give the coins away in the same manner as the military: as tokens of appreciation for a job well done.

However, there are also a few organizations that make use of custom challenge coins for marketing purposes. They often have hundreds of challenge coins forged with their logos and then have these distributed to the public through various means. Any member of the public that manages to get hold of these ‘special’ commemorative coins can exchange these for a product or service from the marketing company.


Printed Circuit BoardsThrough-hole technology is the common method for mounting electronic components onto a printed circuit board. It replaced early assembly techniques like point-to-point technology, which was the popular method before 1950s. The through-hole method involves the insertion of leads through holes, soldering on the other side. The leads (capacitors, resistors and diodes) are bent into 90-degree angles in opposite directions for mechanical strength. These leads are fixed into place using a soldering rod. Soldering can be done manually or using a wave-soldering machine.

Advantages of using through-hole method:

1. It provides stronger and more reliable mechanical bonds. It is ideal for those components that need to withstand mechanical stress like transformers and connectors. It is also the best choice for prototyping or testing.

2. It is ideal for heavy or bulky components that need better mounting strength like semi-conductors and electrolytic capacitors.

3. It is also recommended for electromechanical relays and plug connectors which need strong support while on the printed circuit board.

4. It is a perfect tool for engineers who design prototypes using breadboard sockets.

Disadvantages of through-hole method:

1. It is relatively expensive because there is a need to drill multiple holes into the board.

2. It entails a lengthier production time.

3. It limits space because holes need to be drilled in different areas of the printed circuit board to secure components into place.

In the 1980s, surface-mount technology (SMT) became the newer method to assemble the components to the surface of printed circuit board. The vital component parts are placed directly on the board. It is not applicable for mounting big transformers and powerful semi-conductors which can affect the device with their high temperatures. It uses smaller leads or short pins in various forms. Its popularity boomed during the 1990s.

The method reduces the labor costs and increases the rate of production due to high-degree of automation. IBM used this pioneering method in its small-scale computer assembly, then applied it to more comprehensive projects such as the Launch Vehicle Digital Computer, which was used to guide vehicles. Surface-mount technology is mostly used today in both engineering and manufacturing sectors.

Advantages of using Surface-mount technology:

1. It allows for the creation of a smaller printed circuit board which is in demand for use in more compact and lightweight devices. It also solves the space problem in making small gadgets.

2. It is faster to carry out than through-hole because it merely requires a few holes, or no holes at all, depending on the design. Assembly of components can be done for mass production purposes.

3. It uses reflow ovens that guarantee soldering quality for joint formation.

4. It provides stability against vibration.

5. It uses leadless components which make the circuit neater and simpler.

6. It provides higher circuit speeds because of its more compact form. This high-performance level is one of the reasons why most manufacturers use this method.

7. It uses high-end components that allow for multitasking.

8. It can use both sides of the circuit board, providing higher density performance.

9. It assures low induction and resistance of connections, reducing the effects of RF signals.

10. It automatically corrects small errors on component placement because the molten solder pulls other components in perfect alignment with solder pads.

11. It uses top-quality SMT parts at lower cost compared to through-hole parts.

12. It emits low radiations due to its compact radiation loop area.

Disadvantages of SMT:

1. It makes repair more difficult due to the small lead spaces.

2. It is not applicable for prototyping which uses plug-in snap and play tool.

3. It does not guarantee the capacity of the solders’ connections to withstand the compounds used during potting application. It may or may not be damaged when going through this thermal process.

Given these numerous pros and cons, it’s important for those planning to choose between through-hole and SMT to think thoroughly before making a pick.

Real Estate Investment: How a Reliable Firm Can Help You

The effectiveness of a real estate property seller is not defined by how much he knows or how motivated he is. It is all in the number of properties he had already sold. Let’s face it, no matter how much you know, no matter how much effort you exert, you will never be able to say that you are effective if you do not have much sales. If you are experiencing this, then you must acknowledge the fact that there is a problem. This article will help you understand the things you must do in order to become highly effective in property marketing.

Continual Success Rate

Keep in mind that real estate marketing is not a thing that can only be accomplished once and then you are already done. A person must do it on a continual basis in order to achieve success in this industry. You need to set your goals higher and strategize on how you can reach them. This is the first reason why you need the help of an effective real estate company. If you have a reliable firm at your back, then you can surely be able to have a long-term success in your investment cycles. You simply have to be sure that they have a good tracking record when it comes to the number of sales and their success rate based on the duration.

Dealing with Any Kind of Personality

By the time you finally get in the field, you will find out that simply learning how to promote and sell a property is not enough. When you are in front and dealing with the buyers, a lot of scenarios can come up. You need to keep in mind that buyers have different attitudes, which is why you need to be equipped on how to deal with the different types of personalities you will encounter. This will increase your chances of closing the deal while protecting yourself from people who might take advantage.

If you have a well-experienced firm helping you, you will not have a problem with this since you can be sure that they have already encountered lots of different personalities in the past and this is what enables them to handle each one properly and with the right approach.

Processing of Documents Can Be Done Easier

Of course, you can count on the firms to help you with the documents. Rest assured, they know the things that you need to do for your investment when it comes to documentation matters since they have already done this lots of times before. If you are working alone, you may not even know where to start. Aside from that, there are companies that can help you process those papers faster than usual because of their networks and contacts.

Improve your Selling Points

You hold the chance in adding something up to your selling points but of course, the chances can be far better if you have experts by your side. The better your selling points are, the faster you can close a deal. You have to remember that buyers always look for the best buy. If the property you are selling is a mess, no one can consider it as something worth buying.

real estateYou can do things such as renovating and improving your house, getting rid of all the clutter and making sure that the outside as well as the inside of the property are presentable, so it can attract more potential buyers. Putting up some plants to beautify the place and add an essence of nature is a good thing as well. If you are still buying a property for investment, then it would be better to buy one that already has exquisite features.

They Know the Important Factors to Look For

If you hire the services of a reliable real estate firm before purchasing any property as an investment, then you can be certain that you can get one that can be sold out fast. This is because they already know the factors that can make a property highly sought out. Checking the location, features, amenities, community, class of neighborhood, demand that certain property and other vital factors that can affect the duration it will take for a certain property to be sold out are already one of their expertise. It can take years of study and experience for you to be able do this effectively all by yourself.

Here, you can be sure that you will get the quality services mentioned above. We always have the closing attitude. We do not relent unless we find and close a deal for your real estate property investment. We see to it that each of the processes and steps is done smoothly. We provide a quality customer care service and we go for extra miles in turning the investments of our clients into reality.

We set the goals of our clients as one of ours and we value their perspectives. We provide them all the details they need and assist them in each step. These are just some of the important reasons why lots of investors opt for our help.

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Qualities of an Outstanding Chat Agent

At the end of the day, when all the promotions have run out and there are no more freebies to give out, customers rely on one thing to help them decide whether they would stay with one company or switch to the other – customer service.

chatCustomer service is the core of any thriving business. The customer service representatives become the companies’ voice and face. The moment interaction between customers and representatives happen, companies and businesses cease existing as just that, entities. With customer service representatives, a business selling novelties become someone that is breathing and talking. It becomes a person who can empathize and listen and suggest solutions that is best for the customer.

Businesses and companies provide customer service in various ways. They go the either the voice or the non-voice route. Voice usually means customer representatives over the phones answering calls all day. Non-voice, on the other hand, often refers to a more laidback form of communication – either email or chat. Lately, chat service has been gaining popularity among business owners.

Live chat is being favored more and more recently because it is convenient and cost-effective. Convenience on the customer’s part because it saves him time dialing numbers and going through an endless maze of automated recording. He can get connected to live chat by simply selecting the chat option of the website that he’s already on. He can also multitask while engaged in a chat conversation.

Chat service is, on the other hand, cost efficient for the business owners. With chat, there is less average interaction costs compared to phone interaction. It also enables live chat agents to handle multiple sessions, therefore minimizing wait times for the customers. If agents are able to handle more customers, the likelihood for closing sales is bigger. Chat option also gives prospective customers the opportunity to answer their questions about a certain product or service that they are interested in. This helps speeds up the decision-making process of a buyer.

Armed with the knowledge that customer service representatives are the frontliners of any business or company, it is important to invest in the quality of the agents that will soon interact with the customers. Before considering live chat for business, know first the traits to look for when hiring future live chat agents:

  • Willingness to help. Customer service is all about helping the customer overcome challenges, answering their questions and providing appropriate solutions. It requires patience and perseverance. A person must have an innate ability to help for him or her to be able to execute this duty flawlessly and without fail.
  • Competent. Look for candidates who have in-depth knowledge of the business. If they don’t and training will be provided, be sure to look for those who can learn the business quickly, are independent, resourceful and have sound judgment.
  • Effective communicator. Knowledge will be of no use if the person is unable to relay that to his customers. It is important to look for candidates who have excellent communication skills, both written and oral. Good speakers are often good writers and good writers are often good at speaking. These agents should know how to translate and simplify jargons into words that customers can easily understand. They should be articulate enough to express what they mean in words. Live chat for business will only work if the chat agents are effective enough when communicating to their customers.
  • Confident. Customer representatives must be confident when dealing with customers. Customers trust the agents to resolve their issues and problems. They should therefore evoke that characteristic at all times.
  • Expert multi-tasker. One of the main reasons why live chat is popular is the live chat agents’ ability to handle multiple customers. Therefore candidates should have a presence of mind at all times. He must be someone who knows when to take charge of the situation and be able to manage complications when the situation calls for it.

A good chat service begins with the quality of its live chat agents or representatives who are tasked to do the job. These agents must have the right attitude and disposition towards helping the customers. These are behaviors that cannot be masked and will always show through no matter what.